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Use this letter as a model for requesting letters for your pilgrim.

Dear (NAME)

On (DATE), (NAME OF PILGRIM) will begin an Emmaus Walk. This is a three-day spiritual weekend at Camp Sumatanga near Gallant, Alabama. During this weekend, there are many surprises. One of those surprises is receiving notes, cards, and letters from family and friends. It would be wonderful for (NAME OF PILGRIM) if one of those letters came from you. Only (HE/SHE) will see it. You can write only a line or two, or pages and pages - or you can pick up a card that says what you want to say. These letters can be funny, serious, reminiscent - or all of the above! It's a great time to encourage and to tell (NAME OF PILGRIM) how you feel about (HIM/HER).

When you've completed your letter, seal it in an envelope and put (NAME OF PILGRIM) name on the outside. If you're mailing it to me, please put it in another envelope for mailing. If you are bringing it to me, the second envelope is not necessary.

Please have your letter to me by (DATE OF WALK). Your note and thoughtfulness will mean more than you'll ever know! And remember - It's a surprise!

Thanks so much!


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Monday, August 5
@ 5:30 pm
Florence First UMC

Emmaus Cluster Meeting
Tuesday, August 20
@ 6:00 pm
Tuscumbia First UMC

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