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The Shoals Emmaus Cluster
Serving Colbert and Lauderdale Counties in NW Alabama
PO Box 432, Florence, Alabama, 35631

2019 Shoals Emmaus Cluster Board

The Board meets the first Monday of the month (except National Holidays) 5:30 p.m. at Florence FUMC in Florence Alabama. Board members may be contacted by clicking their email addresses below.

The Nominating Committee has recommended and the Cluster Board has approved the 2020 Cluster Board.

Cluster Lay Director: Revonda Twesme - rtwesme@comcast.net

Assistant Lay Director: Clay Hammond - gchammon@yahoo.com

Past Cluster Lay Director: Mitch Dobbins - mdobbins@chooseics.com

Spiritual Director: Dale Cohen - dcohen@umcna.org

Assistant Spiritual Director: Mark Parris -

Cluster Coordinator: Joe Peeden - jdpeeden@comcast.net

Cluster Music: John Schussler - jshue25@yahoo.com

Cluster Secretary: Janice Alcorn - alcornt@bellsouth.net

Assistant Secretary: Allison Brooks - allipbrooks79@gmail.com

Cluster Treasurer: Anita Whitaker - anita.whitaker@cbsbank.net

Communications Coordinator: Stephanie Hipps - stephaniespringer6303@comcast.net

Cluster Database: Melissa Parks - missy7711@hotmail.net

Cluster Agape: Brenda Quesenberry - brquesen@gmail.com

Assistants Agape: Megan Smith-Keenum - smith.megan.a@gmail.com
                               Katie Dobbins - kdobbinspc@gmail.com

Cluster Sponsorship: Tammy Kirk - tamdonkirk@comcast.net

Assistant Cluster Sponsorship: Jean Peeden - jdpeeden@comcast.net

Reunion Group/Church Coordinator: Mary Kate Mills - marykatemills@att.net

72 Hour Prayer Vigil: Patricia Jester - patricia@jandjattorneys.com

Cleopas Connection: Lisa Keys-Matthews - lkeysmathews@gmail.com

Assistant Cleopas Connection: Deborah Whitten - debwhitten@bellsouth.net

Reconnection: Georgia McCaig - mccaigg@comcast.net

Information Table: Cathy Everett - phillipwaterloo@aol.com

Newsletter Editor: Lynda Bottcher - 4409mistymountain@gmail.com

Web Master: Jimmy McCollum - jamcc104@att.net

Board Representative: Patsy Killen - killenfamily@bellsouth.net

Webservant Email Jimmy McCollum

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